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If you are considering looking for a nanny’s job, this article is to help you find out what being a nanny is like. Taking on nanny jobs is one of the quickest and best ways to find temporary employment, which might help to finance you while you are studying. It can also be a very satisfying permanent career, which you may want to stick to during your working life.

So what kind of things can you expect when you accept a nanny’s job? It certainly will be much more involved than just playing with the child and keeping him or her amused and happy. Usually you will also have to do a little housework, perhaps some laundry, cleaning the dishes, tidying up the house, and perhaps cooking a light meal and making snacks for the children. Whilst it is unlikely that you will have to cook for the whole family, it is a good idea to be familiar with a handful of easy to cook, but tasty recipes, which you can prepare in a hurry. It might sometimes happen that the parents come home later than expected and have to rush off quickly soon after arriving home. If you can have a meal ready for them on these occasions, the estimation of you as a nanny will grow in their eyes.

Take care to discuss with the parents as many situations that may arise as you can think of before being left alone with the children. It is important that you have their cell phone numbers, numbers of trusted neighbours, friends or relatives. You should know by heart the emergency numbers for police, ambulance and the poison centre for your area. Do a course on infant first aid, it only takes a few hours, is easy to learn. Having a First Aid certificate in your Curriculum Vitae folder will definitely give you an edge over nannies who haven’t done a course.

As soon as you can you should try to form a bond with the child you are to look after. Sometimes it is not easy to find some common ground, but after a settling-in period and trying some different tactics you usually find that you can have some fun together. The parents will observe this, or feel it instinctively and feel much more comfortable in leaving their child with you in the future.

In your talk with the parents, note down their expectations and try to exceed them. Don’t let tasks build up and try to make sure the house is spotless and tidy when the parents come home. Go over what happened during their absence and refer to a notebook as you do so. Inform them of the times and duration for each activity, let them know of any bumps or falls, tell them which story you read and which toys you played with. This attention to detail will be well worth the extra effort that you need to put in.

Being a nanny often turns out to be a very rewarding job. Sometimes it can also be very demanding and difficult, but the great thing about it it is not 9 to 5, most of your tasks are manageable, how you organise your work time is largely up to you, and the friendships and bonds you make will last a lifetime.

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