Mother And Baby Sleeping

Do You Co-sleep with Your Baby?

Co-sleeping is the practice of putting your baby to sleep in the same bed as the parents. Sometimes it will be the maid, or domestic foreign worker, or a nanny who does the co-sleeping. Some people recommend the practise, and others advise against it. What are the advantages and disadvantages
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Babysitting and Bedtime: Establishing Routines and Overcoming Resistance

Babysitting comes with its unique set of challenges, and one of the most common struggles is bedtime. Navigating the delicate balance between a child’s resistance to sleep and the importance of a good night’s rest can be a task in itself. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies for
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Healthy Snacks For Babysitters

Nutrition for Kids: Healthy Snack Ideas for Babysitters

Introduction Babysitting is a rewarding yet challenging responsibility, and one of the key aspects of the job is ensuring that the children under your care are eating nutritious snacks. As a babysitter, you play a crucial role in shaping a child’s eating habits, and providing wholesome snacks can contribute to
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Filipina Nanny Helped Raise Sg Golden Boy

Filipina Nanny Helped Raise Singapore’s Golden Boy

Read this inspiring story about how Yolanda, a Filipina nanny, helped  Joseph Schooling, Singapore’s Olympic Swimmer. Auntie Yolanda and  Joseph Schooling    
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Sick Child


One of the causes of unwelcome behavior is illness. This can be one of the most difficult tasks parents face. The situation is also very inconvenient to the child and parents can only do very little to control it. As a result, the child becomes irritable. It is not easy
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The Importance of Specialized Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Dementia medication is a term that covers many conditions that make it hard for people to think and remember things. It affects many people all over the world. Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of memory loss that is very challenging for patients, families, and healthcare. Although there is no
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Time Out Spot

Strategies for Managing Time-out Sessions

Giving time-out as described in the previous blog post is an effective way to control anti-social behaviour, but if you are just starting to implement the technique, you may run up against some difficulties. This blog post is to help you overcome them, and keep the program going. One thing that is very important is
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Babtsitting For Seniors

10 Essential Skills Every Babysitter Should Have for Senior Caregiving

Looking after seniors is a special kind of job that blends the careful watchfulness of babysitting with the compassion of caregiving. Unlike taking care of children, seniors have unique needs and face different challenges as they age. This can include everything from providing bathing assistance and helping with daily routines
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Health Care Provider

The Importance of Emotional Support for Seniors Receiving In-Home Care

Elderly companion care is important for older people’s mental health. A lot of old people feel lonely and alone, especially if they live by themselves and don’t have many friends. A caring person can spend time with you, talk to you, and do things with you, which can help you
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Healthy Food For Kids

Fueling Growth: Balanced Nutrition for Children – Tips for Babysitters

As a babysitter, ensuring that the children under your care are nourished with a balanced diet isessential for their growth and development. But with so much conflicting information out there,it can be challenging to know the right approach. That’s why we’re here to help. In this article, wewill provide you
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Babysitting Summer Wear

Comfortable Summer Dress Tips for Babysitters

Introduction Are you gearing up for a summer of babysitting and wondering what to wear to stay cooland comfortable? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with some practicaland stylish dress tips that will help you beat the heat and still look professional whiletaking care of little ones.First
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Poor Behaviour

Dealing with A Child’s Unwelcome Behaviour

Whether we like it not, there are always children who still misbehave regardless of parenting styles. In this post we are going to deal with this concern. Some children’s behaviour is undesirable and it is important to understand the range, actions or mannerisms exhibited by the child so that you
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In Home Care Services

The Importance of In-home Care Services for Seniors

As more people get older, the demand for senior care services goes up. Normally, nursing homes and places where people can get help with daily tasks have been the main choices for long-term care. But more and more older people and their families are choosing to get in-home care services
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