Babysitter Care at Punggol Home (Near Cove LRT)

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Dear Parents

We are a team of 4 with over 4 years experienced baby, toddler and school going children’s caregivers.

Services we provide:

1) Mon to Fri (Except PH) Baby sitting/ Guardian/ Afterschool Care
With Ferrying service in our family car as an added service package on request.

2) Saturday day care service (Every Saturday except PH that falls on Sat)
for long term or ad hoc Saturday service request. (Photos of Saturday daycare children doing art and craft and playing as a group in a sandpit are also posted here in Carousell which is part of Saturday Day care activities for them).

2a) Saturday Half Day Care 8am to 1.30pm including breakfast, bath and lunch, fees $70/-

2b) Full day 8am to 6.30pm including breakfast, bath, lunch and dinner) fees $140/-

Note: Children to be fetched and picked up by parents to and from our home for Saturday service.

My wife profession is a lecturer. We are also assisted by 2 very experienced helpers taking care of the children under our care, who have been with us for over 4 years. Both helpers from Myanmar (Siblings, Sisters) are very close to us, and we treat them as extended family members in our household.

I am a retired professional with first aid knowledge aged 58. I have over 4 years’ experience with my team of caregiver’s caring for infant from two-months-old baby to grown up primary school going children.

We have a family car (able to fetch and send the child home or school within 15km from my place as part of extra service if required). Together as a family team, we are providing after school childcare, childcare, guardian and babysitter services to your infant and school going children in our home here in Punggol.

Just to share a little bit on myself, my family is Chinese, and we are residing in a cozy 5 room HDB unit in Punggol 3 minutes’ walk to Cove LRT (Postal Code 821103). (Pics of our home also posted in here)

Our home is fully installed with CCTV to monitor 24/7 the safety and welfare of all children under our care.

For afterschool care, do be rest assured your child school studies, homework, safety and wellbeing would be attentively guided, mentored and cared for during the time spend in my home.

Presently, from Monday to Friday we are babysitting to 2 children and providing after school care to a primary school going 8-year-old boy (Pri 2), the toddler boy age is 4 years+ old and the girl 20 months old, Monday to Friday daycare with us.

The services provided are as follows: Infant child-care and Guardian mentorship to school students. Childcare (Before and after school childcare). Guidance in school homework for school going kids. Overlooking play and study time. Nap time, reading time and nursery rhyme time too.

Meals provided as part of the package too (Yes, I do cook too :-)) Daily and hourly rate based on type of service required would be quoted. The services provided is home base.

Just to share further too, our home is full equipped with baby equipment e.g. Baby Playpen (For hygiene purpose, each baby is assigned to their own playpen. We have 3 sets of Playpen in our home), baby rocker, Yao Lan, bottle steriliser, bottle warmer…. etc

My family and helpers are fully vaccinated against Covid 19, and we are non-smokers and have no pets.

Interested parents can message/call me to discuss more in detail.

Thank you.
Cheers Aloysius and Elaine


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