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My name is Pujiati. I’m from Indonesia and I was born a Hindu. I’m a friendly, cheerful and hardworking 43 years old mother of one grown-up son. I’ve been working as a live-in helper here in Singapore for more than 20 years. Although I spent only a few months with my first employer (can’t pay me the salary), I stayed for the next 13 years working for my second employer, a Singaporean Chinese couple with two newborn babies to look after till grown-up. My next employer was with an Australian/American couple with three schooling kids. I completed my contract with them after 4 years. Later I was employed with a British couple with two young kids. I finished 3 years of contract with them. Currently I am working with another Australian couple with a one-year old baby. My contract with them will end soon in mid August 2024. As a helper, my main responsibilities in general, were cooking, baking, cleaning and doing the household chores like the laundry, ironing and grocery shopping. Besides that, my other main responsibility was looking after the kids who were also independently cared for by all of my previous employers except my current one with the baby. My other duties include daily walking with the dogs, which were of various breed (Husky, Labrador Retriever, Singapore Special, Cocker Spaniel & Jack Russell) and managing the foods for all the pets (bird, hamster & rabbit) in the house. I love caring for animals especially cats and dogs, which I’ve had many years of experience in taking good care of them. In addition, after having lived in Singapore for many years, should there be a need for me to get around during work, I’m also very familiar with using all mode of transportation here (bus, train or taxi). I have greatly enjoyed the experiences throughout the years working as a helper and I have a very good rapport with all of my employers. My hobbies are mainly cooking, reading and sports (cycling & jogging). I’m now looking forward to discover new challenges while trying to upgrade myself, learning new things in the future. I’m confident I would be a good candidate for the job requirement. Should you be interested to know more about me and viewing the reference letters from my previous employers, I’m available for contact with WhatsApp at my mobile number attached to the website

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  • Rilly

    Hi Pujiati, i really like your profile and we are looking for a new helper. Will you please contact me on +65 (Contact details removed, please see the FAQ here)?


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