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I am grace 37 yrs old from Philippines.Single mother of 2 kids.
I’ve been working here in Singapore for 9 yrs.
I’ve been working for local Singaporean family for 2yrs.4 family members with 2 young teenage,My job is to clean,cooking, laundry’s, Marketing.Finished contract.
My next family I taking care of french.With 2 little girl age 1.5 & 3yrs old.I do sending and fetching the girls from school,I do cooking for the girls,laundry cleaning ,some makiteng.I bring them to play date,and playground to play after school. I been with them for almost 2yrs,Reason is they relocated to London.
3rd family,is 4 family members french. with 2 boys age 7 & 9 yrs old.My job is to send them to school and fetching.Amd do cooking ,cleaning , grocery Marketing, laundry.i bring the boys play dates playground and taking care of them.ive been with them for 2yrs.Reason is they relocated to Denmark .
4th family ,4 members french American with 2 young teenage girls.ive been with them for 1+yr.My job cleaning,cooking , laundry, Grocery shopping.reason I leave is Salary .So we both agreed me and my employer that I can search for another family.
5th family,My current family to taking care of in the beginning is 3 members.husband and wife with a little boy 10months old .And +1 newborn from February 2024.
My job is to taking care the little boy bring to playground more outdoora activities like botanic garden, water park, cooking for him putting him to bed,shower, feeding,I do organized playdates for him.currently I am taking care both newborn and toddler.i do light cleaning,laundry.Reason I am searching for new family to taking care of is ,they will be relocate to France ☺️ this coming 4th august 2024.
I am available to transfer in July.
My employer willing to give her reference.please feel free to contact me .
I hope to find a kind and caring family to taking care.

Thank you


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    Hi Grace, how are you? Are you still looking for a new family? We would like to talk to you about our family, we think you would be a nice fit. Can contact me on (Contact details removed, please see the FAQ here)

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