Child Care in Singapore

Should I place my child in a child care centre? Or would it be better to have a helper look after her at home?

New parents usually agonise over this decision as their precious baby transitions into a toddler and then into childhood.

It can be a tough decision.

Child care centres can take a load of work from the mother’s shoulders and because we are fortunate enough in this country to be able to hire domestic helpers relatively inexpensively, it is quite possible to have the child escorted to and from a centre, fed, bathed and put to bed each day with minimum parental involvement.

Many mothers however will make the decision to suspend their careers for those early formative years to have as much positive impact on their child as possible. It is important for a parent to spend individual quality time with their children as it lays the foundation for a solid parent-child relationship which will pay dividends in later years.

What are the benefits of using a child care centre?

Child care centres provide a safe and supervised place where children can learn how to socialise with other children and adults. They will pick up valuable skills early on which will reduce some of the stress when it comes time to start primary school. A good paly school will have a professionally developed curriculum which will guide and encourage your child to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Alternatively, a well-trained and experienced nanny will be able to provide many of the benefits of a childcare centre but within the familiar home environment.

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