Choosing Quality Child Care

WordcloudAcknowledging the various parenting styles help us make an informed choice with regard to quality child care. It is common knowledge that parents tend to hire a nanny from a maid agency without scrutinizing the applicant. If you plan to look for nannies or a professional child care from an agency, you need to be certain that the company puts emphasis not only on the availability of their employees but also on their characteristics and skills. Quality child care is crucial because it impacts the child development. As parents, it is important to ask yourselves: What am I looking for with regard to quality child care? This may appear a very easy and simple question. However, it requires a quick evaluation on who you are as parents. Of course, you would prefer a professional nanny to perform, if not imitate, similar duties and responsibilities you do as a parent to your children. You would want them to take your position while you are not available for your children’s needs. Parents who are busy with work need some help in tending their children. Time management is very challenging especially if you are a working parent. Parental obligations can be a very difficult task and thus you need a child care to help you reclaim your equilibrium.

Parents are not the same. They have different parenting styles and thus their children require different qualities from a professional child care. At an early age and stage of development, for example, a child needs a nanny who shares the same point of view with the parents. Nannies can definitely influence children because they are together most of the time. They talk and play together. Their primary task is to take care of the child. After all, they are not called professional child care for nothing. At the end of the day, they are expected to ensure the safety of the child.

Parents expect a professional child care to provide their children an opportunity to learn. Let us take a look at their additional expectations:

  • an opportunity to play with other children
  • an opportunity to build self-esteem
  • an opportunity to make a remarkable childhood experience
  • an opportunity to understand the society as a whole

It is therefore best to look for a nanny who gives the child an environment that is stimulating, child-friendly and most importantly safe. A quality care give is loving and responsive. It is the responsibility of the nanny to always respect the child’s individuality. In a general sense, parents are looking for a nanny who is willing to take the role as a second parent to their children. In Singapore, for example, a good domestic helper takes this role seriously. Singaporean aunties understand the importance to show some tenderness and love to their employer’s children.

Why choosing a childminder is important

There is no denying that choosing a childminder plays a very important role when it comes to the child development. As a matter of fact, it is more beneficial than a nursery setting. It is always best to take advantage of these benefits and make the best out of these helpful and effective points. Let us take a closer look at these fantastic reasons:

  • Personal Service. A childminder is a person who looks after children under five years years old. Most of them are registered and work in smaller groups. Personal service therefore is guaranteed.
  • Same Person. Some children have trouble handling different situations. They cannot adopt easily to change. It is best to have same carer everyday. This will also help them build trust than seeing different carers in a nursery setting.
  • Stability. The absence of disruption is very important when looking after a child. The good thing about a childminder is there is consistency with regard to care. Continuity of care also impacts the development of the child and this is proven to be beneficial.
  • Strengthens Relationship. The fact that childminders shape the development of the child in various and important ways, they become an extension of the child’s family. A new friendship is created and the child will feel safe and more comfortable. Childminders are knowledgeable when it comes to children and they can help you spot on the changes of your children’s behaviour.

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