Deciding Whether to be a Stay at Home Mum, or a Working Mum.

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Stay At Home Mum
Stay at Home Mum

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When I was expecting our first child, there seemed to be a million things we needed to get done before the Big Day. One of the most important  items on our list was to make the decision of whether I would give up my old career for a new one. Should I be a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM)? Actually, my career wasn’t that old, I’d only been in the work force for about five years, and although I was enjoying both the work and the social aspects of office life, the gloss was already beginning to wear off just a little.

Anyhow, we decided I would stay at home for at least the the first few – or maybe five – years. There would be less money to spend, fewer shopping sprees, but hopefully happier kids and a more balanced family life. This decision won’t be the same for everyone, each person will have a unique set of circumstances and priorities to consider. Here are some points to think about:

Can you afford to be a stay at home mum? This is probably the very first question you asked yourself. Giving up a nice salary and yearly bonuses is not easy. But if you think about it, you may not be giving up as much as you think. Here in Singapore if you drop your child of at a nanny’s house on the way to work, you are probably going to have to pay at least $600 per month. That comes to $7,200 a year. For a babysitter or nanny who comes to your house every week day, her fees are going to be around $1,500 per month. That is just the beginning. You will need to look professional, so that means new clothes regularly, make-up and hair dos, Don’t forget the are the transport fee to and from work. It’s true that it costs a lot of money to have a job, so you may decide to join the many mothers who have decided to embark on a brand new career of child care.

What about the career you are leaving? I mean you studied so hard, got a good job and now, not so many years later have decided to ditch it. Just so that you can do what your mother did? Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? But it doesn’t need to be like that. I know some young mothers who were able to stay part-time employed in the same companies they were working full-time in. It wasn’t at all hard for them, they explained to their respective bosses that they would be able still keep contributing, although at a reduced pace. As the children became older, they took on more and more work and eventually ended up working full time in the same company again. Hiring a part time nanny or baby sitter would work very well in this situation.

While you are raising the kids (perhaps with the help of a part time nanny), you can still develop your professional skills by taking on some part-time courses.  There are many fantastic courses on-line. Another idea is to consider starting that business you and your husband have talked about.

Whatever you decide, you will be able to make the most of your situation by planning ahead and laying solid foundations well in advance. Nannyz will be here is you ever need a nanny or decide to take on a nanny job.

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