Effective Communication with Your Nanny

Hiring a wonderful nanny for your children means finding someone that could communicate very well not just with you but also your children. She should be able to have the same outlook or perspective in handling your children’s behaviour and organizing their activities like the way you do. It’s important to keep good communication relationship with your nanny and here are some good ways to do it.

  1. Creating a NANNY JOURNAL – this is one of the best ways to communicate with your nanny every single day. If you want something to be done you can write it down in this journal. For example you want your nanny to feed your kids with something that will keep them healthy, you can write down the name of the task and then explain the instructions on how she should do it. Make it a thorough explanation to be sure that she is doing the exact same thing as you’ve instructed her to do. You can also ask your nanny to communicate the same way with you and freely express the things that she needs to tell you. For example, she has trouble in dealing with your child’s tantrums. She can write down her experience, share what she did to solve it, state whether if it worked or not and then ask questions on how to do better. For example, “Ana wanted something but she couldn’t express it and she just kept on crying the whole day no matter what I do to stop her. What should I do in order to help her with what she needs next time?”

  2. Communicate via CALL and TEXT – this will keep you updated on everything no matter how busy you are and enable you to keep communicating with the nanny as well. Ask her to update you on achievements or anything good that comes up with your child. For example, your nanny may text you, “Ana got a star from class! She’s very happy!” By knowing this, you will know how to reward your child when you get home and make her feel that you’re proud of her.

  3. Communicate via E-MAIL – you may also communicate with your nanny via email. She can email you asking questions like, “Ana’s friend Lucy wants to come over for a tea cup party tonight. Should I say its okay?”

  4. Communicate via VIDEO CHAT – nothing is better than seeing your kids on camera while on a break from work and getting to talk to them about their day. It’s also a good chance for you to communicate with the nanny and respond to any questions that she may have about the children and other things that involves them.

By keeping a good communication relationship with your nanny, you can be sure not to worry about her taking care of your children whether you’re around or not. You can have confidence that she’s on the same page regarding your kids as well as their activities by following the steps above.

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