Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity While Helping Them Embrace Reality

Children have wild imaginations and big dreams. As a child grows older and learns more of the world, he will start to ask questions, seek answers and visualise what the future may hold. When a child first starts to dream and let his imagination go wild, reality and practicality will not be something that he will be concerned with. But as he grows and his thought processes mature he may the widening gap between his big dreams and the limitations of reality troubling.

There is a great need for you as the parent, or nanny, or child-carer to help him maintain his dreams while keeping them anchored in the real world.

How to Do This

There are ways to keep encouraging your kids in their dreams while helping them learn to incline their thoughts with the real world. You can do this by applying the following steps:

  • Ask your child what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up and allow them to speak their minds out to you. Give them time to describe it even if it’s not perfectly clear how it should be. Give them the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings about their dream. When you find anything that’s said or thought right, give praises and appreciation. Let them know that they were correct in something that they said and encourage them to stay on that line of thinking. If they say something that sounds funny, let them know that they made you laugh. Make them feel as comfortable with you as possible so that they will feel that freedom while sharing their dreams with you.

  • Get creative in your conversation with them by asking questions. Get onto the “what if’s” and hear out what they would respond you with. If you have anything in mind that you think would make them participate, ask away. For example, if your child tells you that he wants to become a doctor, ask him why he chose that to be his answer. Let him freely speak. Give him options if you have anything in mind. For example, ask your child if he’d be interested in taking up another profession related to it. Offer facts and let them think and speak out what they think about it.

Get Your Child onto a Variety of Experiences

  • Get your child involved in music lessons, art classes, dance classes and other types of short classes which will enhance his or her talent or encourage a talent that he/she haven’t discovered yet.

  • Take him/her to places like the museum where he/she can appreciate arts and creations that are on display. You can also take your child to festivals, state parks and even to concerts that are appropriate for his/her age. Anything that would allow him/her to learn and embrace as a part of the culture.

  • You may also take your child somewhere where he/she can appreciate other people’s culture that is different from your own. This will help in avoiding culture shock and such effects.

  • As a child grows older, their curiosity increases. Make sure to cultivate their curiosity by allowing them to ask you questions. Answer these questions with a good illustration and explain it to your child how it works. For example, he/she wants to know how breathing works. You can go online and look for resources that would help you elaborate this to your child in a way that he/she could easily understand. If your child wants to get creative and express it, allow him/her to use his/her fingers when it comes to painting and teach them how to use colors as well as mixing them together.

  • Always encourage your child to do very well in school and aim for a high mark. Teach them to want to soar high in their class standing. When your child grows a little older, encourage him/her to take classes that would develop his/her perspective on things of this life. This will develop his/her mind and make him/her embrace school in a good way.

Keeping Your Child’s Dreams Grounded in Reality

  • When your child reaches the age where he/she can already go to school, take a step by step grounding of your child’s dreams. When you get into a conversation with your child about his/her dreams for the future, give some praises and encouragement. Make your child feel that he/she is making the right choice by complimenting them. You can say that they picked the right profession for their future. If he/she wants to be a doctor, you can say, “It’s a good thing that you chose that! I think you would make a really good one!’. After that, you can start asking what he/she thinks would be good skills to develop in order for him/her to reach that dream in the future. This will help your child think and engage in a brainstorming process.

  • As your child grows older and reaches a higher level in his studies, most ideally when in middle school, you can increase your grounding of his dreams by asking him questions and offering more of reality. For example, your child wants to become a singer. You can say, “I think it is good that you want to pursue that in the future. A lot of people love living out their passion more than just as a profession. However, not everyone stays on top of their popularity and their fame goes down sometimes. And there are other things involved in that such as having no privacy in your life as people will be taking note of your every move. However, you know I would love to support you in whatever you want to do in life that would be good for you. I just have to tell you honestly that I’m not that comfortable of the idea.”

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