How to Deal With Your Child When He Lies To His Nanny

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Lying Child

There are times when kids lie. It’s all because of their immaturity and lack of knowledge as kids. That is why, as parents, you should know how to help them how to distinguish right from wrong.

So how do you deal with your kids when you find out that they are lying to their nanny?

  1. Discuss with your child about the lie he made. Try to find out why he lied, what motivated him to lie and if it was just about being bored and if he’s just trying to make something exciting happen (in the wrong way). You can also go on discussing to find out if he was trying to avoid being responsible for something he did wrong or tried to protect a friend’s mistake by just lying instead of exposing the truth.

  2. Discuss with your child about the importance of being honest at all cost. Explain how trust can be easily lost without it and how difficult it could be to rebuild trust after that.

  3. Introduce ways in which your child can accomplish his goal without feeling the need to lie. Tell him/her of ways in which he/she can freely express without having to lie.

  4. Discuss with the nanny and enlighten her about the lie. Give her the right perspective to it.

  5. Get your nanny to help out in achieving with your child a good understanding of right and wrong. She may also follow the first three steps above in doing this.

  6. If you notice that your child is constantly lying, just repeat the steps above until he/she will be led to the change.

  7. If after all the efforts of teaching your child how to not lie he’s still doesn’t change for the better, then this time you need to take disciplinary actions towards this repetitive wrong behavior. Make sure that every time you speak with him, you still talk with a loving and gentle sounding tone to avoid threatening him. But this time, you have to make strict points and rules that will help him realize that it’s a serious matter you’re trying to ask him to cooperate with. For example, you can get him grounded for a week. You can say it this way, “Ana, I love you very much and I want to give you the best life you could ever ask for. However, that’s not going to be possible if you don’t change for the better and start telling the truth. Because of this behavior, I will not allow you to attend your friend’s birthday party and you are grounded for a week.” Also make sure that the nanny is taking note of the lies that your child would possibly say every day.

  8. If your child’s lying comes to worst, you have to put him/her under a strict disciplinary action or you may take your child to a psychologist or school counselor.

By following the steps above, you can respond in a good way when your child is lying to the nanny.

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