“I Miss my Mummy and Daddy”

Keeping a child happy can be a daunting task, especially if the child is new to the childminding setting and is missing his or her mummy and daddy. Most children feel sad if their parents are nowhere to be found. Kids who are very dependent to their parents are difficult to handle because they will usually cry the moment their parents leave them. It is therefore important to keep them happy so that they will not miss their parents so much.

As a childminder, nanny or babysitter your responsibility is not only to ensure a safety environment for the child, but also to be certain that the child will enjoy his or her stay with you. If you are in need of a nanny or babysitter in Singapore, you almost certainly can find one on in Find a Nanny website.

Mothers who need to return to work will need a childminder to take care of their child but children who have been with their mother from birth will definitely have a hard time adjusting to the new face of their care-giver. They typically will break down if they have to be separated from their mother every time their mums leave for work. A childminder has to be ready with this kind of situation in order to convince the child to behave accordingly. It is best to build rapport with the child in order to gain his or her trust. Do not attempt to replace the role of the mother because you will never succeed. You can never take the mother’s place completely. What you can do best is to reassure the child that mummy is at work and will most definitely be back. Offer activities that are appropriate to the child’s age and understanding, but most importantly a nanny, childminder or babysitter should always be there to comfort the child when he or she is upset. So do go to a lot of trouble to ensure you hire a maid or a nanny who understands how the child feels. Children are very sensitive and emotional. It is important that you ensure they feel safe and happy, that their presence is treasured, and that they are loved. Doing this, will help them feel at ease more quickly and your role as a care giver accepted quickly.

Encouraging the child in your care to play with other children is important because of the positive benefits it will bring in child development. As a childminder, you should endeavour to join a childminding group and meet up with other minders so that children will have the chance to meet new friends. This can be as simple an arrangement as meeting up at the playground in your estate every second day, for example. Here you can discuss other interesting activities that you can do that would help make the day of the child enjoyable. Set up play dates and visit appropriate places where children can learn new things. Children always love to play and this is one the best ways to let them feel safe, happy, and loved. They absolutely will always look forward to meeting their minders or carers because they will soon learn to enjoy their company. If children are happy, they will not miss their parents quite so quickly, and their mummy and daddy will be at ease while at work.

Ensuring Mummy and Daddy

While a childcare professional needs to make ensure that the child is safe and happy, a good nanny should also take into account the parents’ emotional situation. They, too, have to be reassured that their child is in good hands. Let the parents feel that you will take good care of their child.

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