Looking for stay-out helper to come on weekdays

Part time
Singapore, SG
Poste/updated 1 month ago
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Hi there! We are a Singaporean Chinese couple looking for a stay-out helper who can come 3 hours per day on weekdays from Monday-Friday to do household chores as well as cook simple nutritious dinner for the family.
We are a small family with 2 adults and 1 18-month old toddler who goes to pre-school during the day and come back around 6pm.

If you are looking for a stay-out part time job, enjoys cooking, can follow recipes/youtube cooking, can do chores, have good hygiene, and okay to help clean up baby mess, please contact me! ?

My husband and I are both full time working, but hands-on with the child – we have been coping without helper for the past 1.5 years. However, as work is getting heavy for me, I am looking for part time helper now. If you are a transfer helper looking for full-time stay-in job, we are also open but only the study room is available for sleeping with floor mattress. We are friendly and kind employers.

We stay at Bukit Batok West. Please contact/reply if interested.

Domestic duties toddler care


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Comments on  "Looking for stay-out helper to come on weekdays"

  • wengbrito0922@gmail.com

    I am available for part time 3 hours a day is fine. I love cooking and I love to learned more

  • Maria

    I’m interested madam… I’m available for interview… I’ve been working here in Singapore for 13 years…. thank you

  • Lecil

    Mam I’m interested mam. Can start tomorrow onwards can talk previous imployer tooo. Current stay out with 3 imployer love. Take care baby toddler and cooking and do household chores do marketing and ironing tooo

  • Lecil

    Interested mam can start tomorrow onwards. Previous employer can talk and. Stay out with 3imployers love cooking. And take care baby. Do household chores


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