Play and Engage my Toddler

Meyer Road, Singapore, SG
Poste/updated 1 month ago
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About this Job

Seeking a qualified child care provider/nanny who can play and engage with my 2 year old girl.
Spend up to 2 hours with her daily engaging her in problem solving, language learning and generally engaging/playing with her

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Comments on  "Play and Engage my Toddler"

  • Jolyn

    Hello! I used to volunteer at my local pre-school and I’m great at teaching children English! I would love to care and engage with your child! Feel free to contact me when available!

  • Aliana

    Hello there! I am Aliana, who used to be a preschool educator. I am interested in wanting to be assist you in caring for your child.

  • Charmaine

    Hi there! I’m a 22 year old local citizen who has experience in what you are looking for. You can check out my profile for more details 🙂


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