Keeping Children Safe and Happy

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While it is best to keep parents happy, it is also important to keep children safe and happy. Parents are certainly not easy to please. They have different opinions when it comes to parenting styles and techniques which often lead to misunderstandings. Unlike them, children are relatively easy to keep happy while ensuring their safety at the same time. Kids generally do not make demands that are not reasonable. You can be certain that they will not ask you to perform miracles. Contentment also plays a very important role to keep children happy. It is therefore important to make them feel content by making sure they are always safe. In addition, it is highly recommended to make them feel valued and provide them with interesting activities that enrich their learning. As a childminder, it is your responsibility to keep children safe and happy. It is important that you know how to inspire the children and offer them endless encouragement to achieve their full potential. Most importantly, it is important for children to feel that they are loved, welcomed and valued.

If you are thinking of using a maid agency to help you find a suitable nanny for your children, you will definitely get a wide range of nannies to choose from on the Find a Nanny website. We place great importance on the need to constantly keep children safe and happy.

The quality of the childminding setting is very critical to the child development.  As a childminder, it is helpful to ask yourself this question: What is it like for a child to stay under your care? Of course the safety of the child is your top priority. Here are some important points to consider:

  • How do you ensure that children stay healthy?

  • How do you ensure children’s safety? How do you protect them from harm and neglect?

  • How do you keep children happy? How do you encourage them to achieve their full potential?

  • How do you help children make a positive contribution not only to your setting but also to the community?

Rights of the Child

A childminder should have a clear understanding of the children’s rights. Since the primary job is to take care of the children, it is always best to know the rights of the child. This will definitely help you perform your duties and responsibilities accordingly and without discrimination. Do you know that there is an international treaty which applies to everyone under the age of 18 years? It is actually called The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which consists of 54 agreed articles. In a childminding setting, the rights of the child should be valued and respected. Childcare practitioners should not take the children’s rights for granted. It is even recommended that their policies and procedures should be in accordance to the rights of the child. In hiring a maid or a nanny, do not forget to discuss the children’s rights and ask the applicant’s opinion on this matter. This will help you find the right nanny for your child.

Childcare professionals should frequently update themselves with relevant training as and when appropriate so that they can offer the best services the children deserve.

In Singapore, for instance, a childcare professional is expected to respect the child’s rights. Singaporean aunties have a high regard when it comes to the children’s rights. They certainly understand that every child not only has the right to live in a safe environment, but also to be happy.

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