More parents turning to nannies to care for kids

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Nanny Striaghts Times

MARRIED couple May Lee and Raymus Ong know they can rely on their nanny to take care of their two children while they are at work. More and more couples it seems, are relying on the services of nannies.

Madam Ng Ah Hoew has been caring for Cayenne, four, since she was 10 months old and for two-year-old Julian since he was a newborn.

The couple considered hiring a maid to look after the children and do the household chores. ‘But with all the horrible maid stories we hear, and with no one to supervise the maid, we decided to stick with a nanny,’ said Ms Lee, a 36-year-old assistant corporate communications manager.

Her husband, a senior engineer who is also 36, added that they could not rely on parental help as ‘my parents live in Malaysia and my in-laws work’.

Madam Ng, 61, is the mother of Ms Lee’s friend.

‘She raised four children and has taken care of her three grandchildren, so we trust that she is experienced,’ said Ms Lee.

Madam Ng is paid $750 a month and looks after the youngsters for two hours on weekdays at her flat in Sembawang.

‘Helping take care of children allows me to work from home,’ she said.

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