Questions to Ask Your Babysitter

and how you should answer them if you are a sitter.

Let’s start with the most important question

Do you like Children and enjoy spending time with them?

  • Yes, I do like children. I’ve helped my mother at lot in the past to look after and raise my siblings. I’ve taken a first-aid course, I know a lot of fun activities, and have studied about child behavior. So the answer is yes, I like children.

When my children get bored they can sometime be mischievous . How are you going to keep them from getting bored?

  • I know many games and activities besides watching TV and playing video games that will help keep them active and interested.
So let’s talk about my baby…

What would you do if my baby won’t stop crying?

  • I know many reasons why babies cry, for example: the baby is hungry, needs to be burped or needs a nappy change. If I still cannot find the reason for your baby to cry, I will call you.

How would you lay my baby in his crib,

  • Laying the baby on his back is the best way to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation.

How would you handle nappy rash?

  • The best thing is keep baby’s bottom dry and clean.

What does it mean if a baby has “Colic”?

  • Colic causes the baby to cry a lot for no obvious reason.

7. Q. How much experience do you have changing nappies?

  • I’ve changed nappies many times as my mother’s helper.

How would you prepare a bottle of formula?

  • I would follow the directions on the formula’s packaging and test the temperature first on the inside of my wrist to make sure it is not too hot.

How would you get a cranky baby to go to sleep?

  • Rocking in my arms or in her crib, singing, and patting the baby are three ways.
Now let’s talk about first aid…

How much first aid training have you had?

  • I took a first-aid course through the Red Cross.

If my child were to get cut, what would you do?

  • Wash, dry, apply antibiotic, put on a bandage and call you.

If my child got stung by a bee, what would you do?

  • Remove the sting, wash, dry, apply antibiotic and put on a bandage and call you.

If my child swallowed some pills or poison, what would you do?

  • Call the poison control center immediately, then call you.

Do you have the phone number to poison control?

  • Yes. I have the number in my cell phone.

If my child got burned, what would you do?

  • I’d treat a small burn the same as I would a cut and call you.

If my child had a nose bleed, what would you do?

  • Have her pinch her nostrils for a few minutes.

If my child were unconscious or hurt badly, what would you do?

  • Call the emergency number immediately, then call you.

If my child became sick, what would you do?

  • Make the child as comfortable as possible, take her temperature, then call you.

19. Q. Do you know CPR?

  • Yes, I learned it in my first-aid course.
Let’s talk about behaviour…

If the children begged you to bake some cookies what would you do?

  • I would ask your permission first, so I’d call you.

If you told the children it’s time for bed and they ignored you, what would you do?

  • First, about 15 minutes before bedtime I’d give them a choice: “Would you like to go to bed now, or in 15 minutes.” Then at bed-time I would have them stop doing whatever they are doing and get ready for bed.

How would you get the children to stay in bed?

  • I would give each child an Out-of-Bed pass. If they kept getting out of bed after they used their pass, I might try reading a book to them. After that, I would put them in bed every time I discovered they were out.

How would you handle a child who misbehaves?

  • I would use a behavior technique called “Stop, Redirect, Reward.

Do you ever hit, spank, or shake a child for bad behavior?

  • No. Not ever.

If my child were potty training, would you know what to do?

  • Yes. What kind of rewards are you giving?

Let’s talk about safety…

How would you prevent my children from choking on food?

  • Children can choke on foods like candies, nuts and grapes. I’d make sure that food that goes into their mouths are small enough to prevent choking. 

How would you prevent accidents from happening like getting cut, falling off something, swallowing poison, getting burned, electrical shock, being hit by a car, or downing?

  • I take my responsibilities seriously. I’d do my best to always know where each child was and what he or she was doing. I would keep a close eye on all the children.

If the power goes out, what would you do?

  • I’d gather everyone together in one place. I can use the flash light on my phone for that type of emergency.

If you smelled smoke, what would you do?

  • I’d get the children safely out of the house, call the emergency number, and then call you.

If someone calls on my house phone, what would you do?

  • What would you like me to do. Answer or ignore it?

If a stranger comes to the door, what would you do?

  • I never open the door for strangers.

If a small cooking oil fire started in a pan on the stove, what would you do?

  • I’d put on an oven mitt and carefully slide the lid over the pan to smother the flames.

What’s the best way to keep from getting or spreading germs?

  • Washing hands and generally keeping toys and other things clean.

Are you aware of choking hazards from plastic bags, cord and rope like electrical cords, blind cords, jump ropes, strings on toys?

  • Yes.
Let’s talk about you. First, your rates…

How much do you charge?

  • I Charge $______ an hour.

Would you consider charging me less?

  • Here’s how I arrived at that rate…

Would you mind watching my sister’s kids along with mine while we go out?

  • I don’t mind watching additional children, but it’s going to require more work, so I’m going to ask for an additional $____ per hour.”

Will you work on school/college/university/ nights?

  • It depends on what I have going on. And I do charge $_____ per hour on a school night.

How do you feel about making dinner or giving my children a bath?

  • (You should decide before your interview whether you will do it or not and whether to charge extra or not).

What if I asked you to do some light housework?

  • (You should decide before your interview whether you will do it or not and whether to charge extra or not. Remember, your priority is watching the children).

How do you feel about having friends over while babysitting?

  • Not a good idea. Too distracting.

How do you feel about talking on the phone while babysitting?

  • My focus is always on the children so I avoid personal phone calls.

How do you feel about snooping around the house in places you shouldn’t be while babysitting?

  • I don’t snoop.

How do you gather and remember information about my children, house rules, and other important stuff?

  • I have a form on which I keep all that information.

What would you do if you broke something?

  • I would clean up the best I could, then tell you when you got home.

What would you do if one of the children broke something?

  • I would clean up the best I could, then tell you when you got home.

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