Ensuring Safety in Childcare

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Child Safety

Safety in the childcare setting is one of the most important factors that should be taken seriously. In fact, the UN Convention puts so much emphasis on the importance of safety because children that need careful supervision most of the time. In addition, all children have the right to be always kept safe. A child minder should always provide a safe environment, and make certain that children in her care are not exposed to unnecessary dangers. Choosing childcare is also a very important decision that parents may need to make. While parents look for a caring and stimulating environment for their child, they also want to ensure that their child has plenty of opportunities to learn and grow every day in a safe place.

In order to have an open and positive relationship with the parents, the child’s caregiver should ensure safety, first and foremost. If parents know that their child is safe, they will eventually trust their child’s carer. As a childminder, it is much more rewarding if the parents of the child you are looking after trust you wholeheartedly.

It is easy to unintentionally allow unsafe conditions to develop. Obviously, parents will  choose a childminder that is professional. Hiring an under-trained carer can contribute to an unsatisfactory level of safety.

When it comes to making decisions on what safety measures to use in your home, it is important to anticipate a child’s moves and see things in their perspective so that you can eliminate potential problems. Of course, this is not an easy process because problems exist anywhere, and we cannot know when they happen. It is therefore best to be always on the lookout. There are common safety measures that we should consider though which include placing guards around fans. In addition, keep things that have a sharp edge out of reach to avoid cut injuries.

Parents will always try to evaluate the physical safety of the childcare environment. As a childminder, it is important to keep things clean, but also safe. Rooms need to be “child proofed” in any areas that can be accessed by children. Electrical outlets, for instance, should be secured. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers should be readily available, too. During every activity, make sure that all potentially toxic substances are out of reach. Children can be very resourceful and will always try to explore. So it is best to lock other rooms like bathrooms or storage closets to prevent them from entering alone.

Since your primary job is to take care of the children, a childcarer needs to be always on her guard. You must be aware of any potential hazards which may pose a threat in the nursery or playroom. If you feel it is unsafe, it probably is. You should also take into consideration that all equipment is age appropriate.

Babies should have a separate space. They should not be placed in the same room with older and mobile children. Children run a lot and so you should allow an open space for this kind of activity. In England, all childminders must conform to Standard 6 of the English National Standards, which states “the registered person takes positive steps to promote safety within the setting and on outings and ensures proper precautions are taken to prevent accidents”. Singapore nannies are generally very responsible and understand the importance of safety, so parents will have peace of mind while their child is in the auntie’s care. If you are looking for a Singaporean maid, do place a free ad on the Nannyz website and wait for a response. If you are in a hurry, you may like to take advantage of one of the various upgrade plans. Foe example for just $5 you can gain access to the contact details of ALL of the nannies who have advertisements on the site.

In Singapore, when organizing a nanny to care for your child, it is recommended to get to know her and explain what you expect from her. You can start with the safety of the child. In Find a Nanny, all childminders are mature enough to handle the responsibility of caring for children. You can be assured that children are supervised by qualified and professional childcarers both indoors and outdoors. Most of all, the childcare setting should meet health, safety and physical standards.


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