Safety – General Tips for Child Carers

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When travelling by car, children should always be kept safe by keeping them away from other vehicles. Child seats should also be given attention. Make sure that they are appropriate and are fitted in the car correctly in order to ensure the child’s safety. In the event that you are travelling with more than one child, make sure that all children have their own seat where they are fastened securely in it. Do not leave children alone and unsupervised in the car. This not acceptable even for a short period of time because anything unexpected can happen at any time and you should always be there for the child if it happens. While the car is running, make sure that car door is closed and securely locked so that children cannot open it.

Safety during indoor activities

The environment is always part of the childminding business. Therefore it is best to make sure that safety is always the top priority even during indoor activities. The child minder must make sure that the setting meets the required standards when it comes to health, safety and learning opportunities of the child is concerned. The indoor activities must be child-friendly and age appropriate. You also have to consider that the environment does not contain toxic materials that are dangerous to children.

Safety during outdoor activities

Your playground can extend outside your house. And in addition, there are activities that can only be done outdoors. Children need to play outside in order to explore the outside world. It is important that they go outdoors frequently. As a nanny you are expected to prepare appropriate outdoor activities while ensuring that unnecessary danger is eliminated before it can pose harm or threat to the safety of the children. As a professional childcarer, it is best to ensure that the place is not polluted as pollution can affect the child’s health. During outdoor activities, a nanny should be extra watchful because children love to explore the space and wander off. Never allow them to get away from your sight.

Safety in the equipment used

Whether you are inside or outside the home, it is best to maintain equipment safety. All the things children use should be in clean and in good state of repair. When children need to use the toilet, make sure that it is clean, tidy and free from cracks and splits. Germs and bacteria are everywhere so it is important that maps, beds and the like should be kept scrupulously clean. Make sure that all things inside and outside the house are checked regularly to ensure the safety of the child.

Safety around animals and pets

Children love animals and pets. They love to play with them without understanding the potential dangers they may pose. It is best to let the children know what to expect without worrying or frightening them. Tight supervision is required when you bring children in places where there are animals around. Whatever your fear towards animals, never pass them to children. It is not advisable to tell children about frightening stories involving a particular animal just to frighten them. Be sensitive to the feelings of every child. Most importantly, do not force them to do things they do not like to do like stroking a dog.

Safety around strangers

While it is important to let children know the danger of dealing with a stranger, never present it in the way that is frightening. Make sure that children understand the importance of knowing the person first before trusting him or her. Let the children know that strangers can be a man or a woman. Let them know that they may seem perfectly normal like any other people they know, friendly and approachable. It is best to provide them a routine to follow when they are approached by strangers. Do not forget though that as a nanny, child minder or parent, it is your responsibility to protect the children from strangers. Let the children know that it is okay to approach some people, too, for example, a police officer, a security guard or other adults with children. It is also important to encourage children to be friendly and be open to other people.

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