Safety Inside the House

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Toddler SafetyChildren like to explore the environment, especially if the place is new. They always find it interesting and therefore they want to see what is in store for them. They also like adventure and if they get the chance to let their fantastic imaginations take flight, they will definitely use it to set off exploring. In this case, it is the responsibility of the child minder to help the children satisfy their curiosity safely without exposing them to undue risks. Inside the house, it is important to keep all medicines and chemicals away from children. Also, avoid placing anything under the window that children can climb on. To avoid swallowing, inhaling or choking, keep toys, small objects, chords and the like out of children’s reach, babies and toddlers in particular. Only display toys that are appropriate to the age of the child you are caring for. There are a lot of things that pose potential hazards to young children while inside the house. A child minder must take her duties responsibly and prevent them from playing in the most hazardous area of the house – the kitchen. Halls, stairs and landings can also be dangerous to a crawling babies and toddlers and thus it is important to install a child proof gate. Children should also be reminded of which part of the house they are allowed to play freely.

Safety outside the house

Kids also love to play outdoors. There are in fact various activities that they can do outside the house. A child minder may sometimes take the child to the garden or on trips and outings and is the duty of the childminder to maintain the safety at all times. There is a lot of space outdoors and children can easily get caught up in the excitement of the moment it without realising the danger to which it may lead. In a garden, for instance, it is recommended to build fence for a specific space where children are allowed to run and play. It does not have to be very expensive to create a child friendly outdoor area. Providing the child a suitable playground does not need to have a large space. What matters most is the place is safe for children.

Food safety

Serving safe food to children is certainly one of the major concerns parents have when they leave their child with a child carer. It is therefore important that a child minder serves well-balanced and appetizing meals to the children in her care. When it comes to dietary requirement, the parents and the nanny should discuss this and come to an agreement about what constitutes healthy and appealing food so that children also look forward to mealtime. Good food hygiene is essential for the eliminating of bacteria that thrives in food, especially warm foods. A nanny should be extra careful when preparing and cooking food for the children.

At mealtimes, children have to be supervised carefully in order to avoid accidents like choking. Some children may have hard time to chew their food and swallow it which can result to choking. Here are some tips to avoid it to happen:

  1. Supervise children at mealtimes without failure. Do not leave them on their own.
  2. When children try to finger foods, be extra alert. Keep careful watch for possible difficulties.
  3. It is best to serve small pieces of food.
  4. For babies, it is recommended to always hold them while feeding.
  5. Let the children take a proper seat at a dining table when eating and drinking. Never allow them to play with cups and cutlery.
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