Singapore Nannies and Inter-faith Families

During your career as a nanny in Singapore, you will probably be giving baby care and child care to children of many different faiths.

Although not common in Singapore, an interesting situation arises in a home where each spose follows a different faith.

We have learned in Singapore to be tolerant of different religions, to accept, and even participate in each others celebrations of holy days, and enjoy each others cuisines.

A Catholic nanny in a Singapore home with a Hindu father and a Buddhist mother would certainly find herself balancing precariously  on a highly strung tight rope! But it does happen often enough.

If the family is wise and tolerant, they will allow their children to learn, in equal measures, about each of their parent’s religion, and give them the freedom choose which one to follow (if any at all).

Nannies need to be sensitive of the tensions and dynamics within the family. Preparation of meals will be a topic which you discuss thoroughly with your employers. Also ask about bedtime stories, are there any which either parent may consider unsuitable? Do the parents mind if you tell the stories associated with your own faith?

It surely a given that the more stories you tell from cultures which different from our own, the broader will be the child’s understanding of people from other countries, cultures and religions, and that can only be a good thing.

If you do ever take on the challenges of being a Singapore nanny helping to raise a child in an inter-faith family, the potential rewards and satisfaction you can achieve are so much more than if you just decide to be a part time maid.

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