The Benefits of Being Surrounded With Positive Social Support

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Life has endless challenges. It’s a truth that we can never deny. Even those of us who are strong-willed have their times of being down and weak. We get those moments of thinking negatively and sometimes even tell ourselves that we are incapable of doing something. We seem to think that we are not smart enough or highly skilled enough to accomplish something that truthfully could have been even easier for us if we just tried. This negativity most often leads us to not being successful. When we think negative, we become stuck somewhere and not progressing and the lack of progression leads us to more failures and shunning opportunities for success. The cycle just goes on and on. This is why we need to be surrounded with positive social support to be able to avoid being eaten up whole by our negativity. This will help us get back on our feet and strive for success in life. Let’s take a closer look at how we can actually apply this kind of idea to parenting.
One of the most common problems of kids is when they haven’t mastered a successful potty training. For example your kid still doesn’t know how to do the right thing even at the age of 4. You start getting this negative thought into your head thinking that you’re not doing well enough in teaching your child. One of the most often resorts that most parents do is to run to their parents for help thinking that they might be able to do something that you’ve failed to do when training your child. The worst thing that it could ever make you feel when you’re not able to accomplish something in your childcare training is that you’d feel like you’re a failure. When you stick that idea of being a failure into your mind, other negative side thoughts would soon come after that. But if you have a good positive support, you won’t be led into frustration or any other negative feeling even more – you will only get otherwise.
If you have a good positive support from people, it’s easier to get rid of the negative feelings. For example, one of your friends may say, “I had the same problem with my son when he was 4 years old too. Sometimes they just need a little more patience from us to help them successfully learn it. If you stay patient and positive, it won’t take too long before he’ll be able to master that. Just give him a longer chance to learn.” Another friend may also say, “I have read a great book about potty training before when I was trying to train my child with it. It has really helped me a lot! I would be more than happy to let you borrow it and learn from it. I am sure it would help you as well!” There are also other types of friends that would make you feel better by making you look at the positive side of things. For example, a friend may say, “Even if your child is already in College, who cares if he still doesn’t master his potty training? Cheer up! I’m sure a lot of other people are struggling with the same thing even if they are older than a college kid!” When you hear this from your positive-minded friends, it’s easier for you to get rid of the negative feelings and anything else that may come with it. Their positivity will not cause you to give up but actually feel encouraged and even more determined to help your child through. Hearing these and having the positive support that they are giving you will help you walk your way to a successful potty training with your kid.
Another problem that you would possibly go through with your kids is their attitude problems or how they are becoming too liberated even with the way that they dress. They tend to forget modesty as something that is crucial and think that they can just wear or not wear anything they want. You want to teach them how to do this but then they keep failing to obey you that even your nanny can’t get help from you in helping your kid change this behavior. So what do you do? You go to your positive minded friends and tell them about it. Hear out what they would like to say if they went through the same situation or can relate in any way when they were younger. One friend may say, “I went through the same problem with my oldest daughter. She’s been badly influenced by the fashion culture of the outside world in a really wrong way and it was very hard for me to deal with it. But I kept my cool and stayed patient with her. I would take her with me on a mom-daughter dates and help her shop for clothes that would make her still look very nice without making her immodest. Try it with your child, I think it will help.” Or another friend may say, “I didn’t have that sort of problem with my kids but I do remember when I was younger of how rebellious I was to my parents and did the same thing. I did not care what was right or wrong with what I was doing just as long as I want it I do it. But you know what? My parents were very patient of me and they actually stick with me through the rebellious times I had towards them. They showed me love, care and compassion that just broke me into realizing that I did wrong and that led me to change. Trust me, if you do that with your child she will realize one day.”
Both of the examples mentioned showed how much help having positive social support can help you with your parenting challenges. This will provide you a way out from your negativity thus helping you embrace the encouragement and eagerness to succeed. Also make sure that you fully inform and teach your babysitter or your nanny with these kinds of tips so that they too can help you accomplish that success.

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