Toddler’s life saved by quick-acting babysitter and good Samaritan

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A parent’s worst nightmare almost became a reality when a toddler started having a seizure. Luckily, with the help of a quick-thinking babysitter and a good samaritan, the little girl was saved.
Katie McAllister, mother of 18-month-old Emma said she felt terrified after hearing her daughter’s babysitter say she was not only sick but had suffered a seizure, all while on the way to meet her.
“I look back there and she’s blue and she’s convulsing against the straps of her seat,” Adelina Ohmes, Emma’s babysitter stated.
Ohmes often takes care of Emma while her parents are at work.
On this particular day, Ohmes agreed to meet Emma’s mother so she could go see a doctor for the fever she had.
That fever caused Emma to have a seizure which also caused her to stop breathing.
“They said because the fever shot up as high as it did as quickly as it did is what caused the seizure,” Mcallister explained.
Ohmes said she heard kicking and when she looked in her rearview she knew she had to act fast.
Acting on adrenaline first, she tried giving her the Heimlich, not knowing if Emma was choking or not. When that did not work, she began trying CPR.
“I turned her over and she started to breathe again I gave her a few more breaths,” Ohmes said.
A man driving by saw something was not right and asked if there was anything he could do to help.
“The look on the young lady’s face I could tell something was terribly wrong,” Edward Jordan, explained.
Jordan wasted no time and while Ohmes helped keep Emma breathing he drove them to the hospital and kept emergency responders on the phone.
“I told her you know what just get in,” Jordan said.
As a father seeing the child in trouble hit home for Jordan and he hopes someone would do the same for him.
“I feel like anyone would have done it,” Jordan said.
Mcallister said it was the right people working together for the sake of her child.
“They were her guardian angels that day,” Mcallister explained.
Today Emma is doing great and the threat of another seizure happening is still possible if she gets a high fever, but the good news is most children who develop this will grow out of it by 5-years-old.
Ohmes said she credits being able to help Emma by taking CPR classes and encourages other caretakers to do so as well.

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