Understanding Children’s Basic Needs

Children have demands that need to be addressed properly. Responding to their demands has a great impact on their learning. Based on the way people or parents answer, children learn to trust or mistrust, to feel safe or afraid, to feel happy and sad, to feel loved or unloved. Children have five basic needs which include food, shelter, emotional simulation, play and love. The basic needs are simple but if any one of these is neglected, it has a profound effect on the child’s development. The fact that children cannot stand up for themselves, their rights are different from the adults. It cannot be denied that children need a special set of rights that ensure their safety and protection, emotional stimulation, and development. The vulnerability of the child has also to be taken into consideration in addressing the rights of the child. A child’s rights are enshrined in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

Here is the summary of the articles of the UN Convention:

  • Protection from all forms of violence
  • Survival and development
  • Adequate standard of living
  • Health and health services

It should be highlighted that providing for children’s needs is very important. A childcare professional should also understand the responsibility to pay attention to these rights in order to make children feel safe and happy, loved and protected. Children have the right to protection from harm, abuse and exploitation. They have the right from being hurt and mistreated either physically or mentally. A good nanny understands the importance to make children feel safe. A Singaporean auntie, for example, knows the need to always make children feel protected from any unforeseen circumstances. A good maid agency must also ensure that their employees are well-trained and always put quality child care and protection as their top priority. As parents, you should ensure that you hire a nanny or a child care professional who can do the duties effectively. It is important that nannies, like parents, protect the children from violence, abuse and neglect. Parents need a maid or a nanny who can look after their children without disrespecting their rights.

Cultivating positive discipline for children’s play is essential to children’s learning and development. The UN Convention does not provide specific forms of punishment parents should use for their children. What the Convention emphasizes is that the government strongly disapproves any form of discipline involving violence. To impart knowledge and skill or to teach is the main purpose of discipline. It also means punishment and control. When it comes to discussing the appropriate ways to discipline, there are a lot of controversial arguments explaining what ways are effective and not.

Apparently, there are certain rights outlined in the UN Convention that are related to childcare and education. Childminders should not take these rights lightly. Here are the following rights that a childminder should be concerned with:

  • The right to sufficient and nutritious food and clean water
  • The right to appropriate health care and medicines
  • The right to be with their family, friends, loved ones or those who care and protect them from any form of abuse
  • The right to play
  • The right to be safe and happy
  • The right to free education
  • The right to be free from any form of exploitation
  • The right to adequate standard of living
  • Disabled children have the right to special care and training

A child care professional is expected to encourage taking the best interests of the children into account. In helping the children learn about family and social expectations for their behaviour, a childminder should do all he or she can to protect children from unacceptable behaviour. Also, they must take into consideration the child’s level of development. There are laws in most countries that are already defined what sorts of punishments are considered abusive and unacceptable. It is therefore up to the government to review these laws considering the Convention. To sum it up, children have the right to live life to the fullest and develop healthily. Parents and childcare practitioners should guarantee their survival.

If you are looking for a maid, a nanny or a child care professional who can take the job seriously, you must be certain that the applicant puts premium on the children’s basic needs.

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