Weekly rest day for maids to become mandatory from 2013

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Maids In Singapore Relaxing

All employers will soon have to give a weekly rest day for maids, under a new law that the Government plans to introduce from 2013. The legislated rest day, said Minister of State for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin in Parliament on Monday, will apply to maids whose work permits are issued or renewed from Jan 1 2013.

New employers who hire a maid for the first time from Jan 1 2013, will also be subject to the new rules. For existing maids, the new regulation will not apply for the remainder of their work permit. Mr Tan added it will give maids a ‘much needed emotional and mental break from work and time apart from their employers’.

Activists have long pushed for the mandatory day off, but many employers worry about the impact on their care arrangements at home. Mr Tan said there will be flexibility in the new rule, if both parties agree on arrangements.

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