What are Some Reasons for Hiring a Nanny?

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Cuddle ComfortYou are thinking of hiring a nanny, here are some reasons to consider:

  • If you are a working mum you may have support staff in your office. It’s the same thing at home, you can’t do everything yourself, so a nanny can pick up on the the things you can’t get to, like helping with cooking, running the occasional last minute errand and doing a quick tidy-up at the end of the day.
  • Having a nanny can not only mean that your children get better and more focused care, it also can mean that you will get to spend more quality time with your kids. A nanny can get the meals prepared, some homework supervision done, get the kids in their jammies, their teeth brushed and their room tidied, so that when you come home, it is all about talking, bonding, reading, cuddling and winding down together.
  • Reinforcements! If you have more than two children, they can easily “gang up” on you and events can spiral out of control. Three rowdy children, a telephone ringing and something burning on the stove. A nanny can save these sort of situations and help bring things back into control. Who knows, an accident could have been averted.
  • A nanny can make disciplining a child much easier. You wouldn’t buy that trinket that caught her eye in the shop, the one that you knew would be forgotten and uised as land-fill in less the 24 hours time. When she melts-down, cries and screams, you can be the cool disciplinarian while the nanny comforts and explains that mummy has some good reasons for not buying that tacky ridiculous cheapo piece of junk (she may explain it a bit more tactfully than that).
  • Your nanny maybe from another culture and this presents a wonderful opportunity to broaden your child’s outlook. Many times our family have had an entertaining evening talking about life back home for the maid or nanny. Singapore is already a wonderful mix of cultures, but not many of us know the daily routine on a subsistence farm. And why not learn a new Tagalog word a day (or Indonesian, or Burmese).
  • Your first child? It is likely that your nanny has helped raise several families and so can bring all that experience to your own family and help reduce the uncertainty.
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