Would You Hire a Male Nanny or Babysitter?

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Male Nanny

Hiring a male nanny may seem like an outrageous idea, but you’d be surprised to note how mainstream it has become in the past few years. More and more parents are choosing to hire a male babysitter, especially for their sons. But the decision is a tough and extremely layered one.

For one, most parents prefer to put their children under the care of a female nanny. That is because traditional gender roles often promote the idea of women as caregivers. 

Few men choose to pursue a career in child care because the avenue is not open to them. But it is our responsibility to push past those boundaries. Because when you refuse to hire perfectly qualified young men as babysitters, you teach your children that boys cannot be trusted. 

How do Male Nannies Get into the Business

Often times a male nanny will start off as a tutor and later become a care giver once the parents see the bond he develops with the kids. Finding the right babysitter for your children comes down to asking yourself a series of questions. 

  • Can your nanny make the children laugh?
  • Are they able to organize them into teams and make them carry out simple tasks?
  • Is your babysitter able to understand your children’s personality traits, draw out the shy kids and calm down the over-excited ones?
  • Does your child enjoy being around their caregiver and look forward to playing with them?

Your child’s formative years are an essential part of developing their personality and identity. Since they spend so many hours with their nanny, finding the right one is so important. 

That’s why you need to stop worrying about inconsequential aspects like whether the nanny is a man or a woman. Instead, ask yourself whether they are able to form a special bond with the children because that’s what really matters! 

Why A Male Nanny May Be Better Suited for Your Child

There are some aspects where a male nanny may even be a better option for your child. Exploring these scenarios can help you make a better decision for your children.

  1. Late Work Days

Child care requires a round-the-clock commitment.

 If you need someone to spend long hours with your kids, a female babysitter may have other commitments. She might not want to stay over, especially if that means having to use public transport to get home late at night. 

So if you work odd times or have a busy schedule that routinely changes, a male babysitter might be able to cater to your needs more effectively. 

  1. Traveling

The same goes for parents that need to travel out of the city, whether for work or vacation and require a nanny that can easily adjust their schedule. 

Of course, there are other considerations that will weigh in on a case-by-case basis, but this is just something to consider. Additionally, if your nanny also serves as your child’s tutor, they won’t miss out on any work. 

  1. Bonding

Then, there’s the fact that a male nanny might be better able to relate to your boys. 

If they are having problems in school or with classmates, your preteen sons may be more willing to take advice from a young male influence than their parents. A positive young role model can do wonders for boys in their formative years, doubly so if the alternative is the rowdy boys in your neighborhood. 

  1. Motivation

A male babysitter may also be better suited to accompany your children on their extra-curricular and after-school activities. 

From riding lessons and swimming classes to debate tournaments and sports events, having a dedicated driver will make your life a lot easier. Male sitters will likely be more interested in outdoor, athletic activities. 

Of course, you’ll have to make sure they have a driving license and a vehicle for this to work. It can also help keep your children motivated if their nanny has a basic understanding and interest in their sport.  

  1. Active Engagement

Young boys often want to run around and play fight, which may get frustrated for a female babysitter. Most nannies are in their late teens or early 20s, and a teenage girl may not have the tolerance to put up with rowdy boys. 

At that age, keeping up with the children and their energy levels is essential to their growth. 

In fact, making little boys feel like they are behaving badly because of a slightly aggressive style of play is actually bad for their mental health. Male babysitters are often better in this regard.

  1. Added Protection

On occasion, parents with young girls may want to hire a male nanny as a deterrent against outside harm. 

Unfortunately, due to societal conditioning, potentially threatening strangers are less likely to approach your children in the playground if they are accompanied by a male figure, often because it is assumed they are a relative and not hired help. 

Some parents may appreciate this added protection.

  1. Positive Lessons

Finally, by hiring a male babysitter, you can teach your child the importance of inclusivity and fighting against stereotypes. Because most of the stigma against male nannies boils down to the fact that women are largely considered “natural caregivers.” 

These stereotypes assume that women should retain their role as primary nurturers while men should pursue intellectual fields like finance, and at the end of the day, they are dehumanizing to both genders. By hiring without bias, you can set a positive example for your children.

Hiring the Best Nanny

So, should you hire a male nanny? Absolutely! 

Hiring the best nanny should not have anything to do with the gender of the person in question. Once you get together a list of potential candidates, you should be completely objective in your selection. 

The best candidate is the one that is willing to put in the time and effort to get to know your child. Initial interaction between your kids and the nanny will let you know whether they are building a rapport full of positive reinforcement and fun. 

While it will take some time to find the best nanny for your little ones, you’ll find the right one soon enough. Just don’t limit your options. As long as you’re using legit, authenticated sites to find your employees, safety is guaranteed. 

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