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Service area: Mount Sophia, Singapore, SG
Posted/updated 1 month ago

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Hi ma’am/sir,

I’m Camela, 35 yrs old Filipino I’ve been working in Singapore since 2014.

My responsibilities are cooking, which can be Western or Chinese just name it, I will find the recipe on YouTube or you can give me the recipe to follow.

Cleaning, ironing marketing, anything that needs to be done by my job,

I had experience taking care of special needs (Downs Syndrome), toddlers, infants and dogs too.

My employer will release me anytime last week of July.

Maam/sir, hope to see you soon.

Thank you so much


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Comments on  "Live out Helper Looking for Employer"

  • lisawatson6160

    Hi Camela, how are you? Are you still looking for work? We are interested in an interview with you.

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